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Release 1.0

Homemade Sex Toys

Author: Angeleena Yi

You sexual life is at deadlock? Do not forget that the main foe in sexual life is boredom. Investigae new arreas, experiment with new things. And there's no need to obligatory go to sex shop. Just look thoroughly across your house. We've asked some sex experts to create toys from the things that can be found at home, and once tested, we can assure you that they greatly makes mood up (and not only mood!).

Let's elevate the passion to a new level. You can bring a salt into tedious sex activities if you elevate it a bit higher using a chair, sofa or TV stand (TV itself can be also used). Let your girl hang her buttocks down the furniture item and let the mirracle begin! Now you can switch positions and enjoy sex activity without much movements.

Wax stimulators. Candles are the main weakness of a female sex. Inexpensive and beautiful candles are a perfect home sex stimulator. Allow your girl to drop some wax on your chest to show you how brave you are. But do not allow her to dripple your penis, as it's well known that hot stuff may cause you troubles!

Cycle chains. To create a sado-maso atmosphere, you can use velocycle chains (remove the oil first). One chain can be hooked to the bed and put a couple of chains near to fasten yourself and your beloved. The sensations can be diverified by putting one chain in a cold water and another in a hot water for half an hour - and then move them along the body by turn. The change of sensations will produce an original thrill, and doesn't cost any money.

Delicious pants. This is one of the easiest things for homemade sex toy. You'll like them best of all if you do them by yourself, because it is you who makes the choice of a taste. The simpliest material for panties turned to be a canned ham. Salami and turkey stuck fine, but only when the pieces were big enough. Roastbeaf breaks fast, and a meat bread looked not very attractive. For sweet teeth I would recommend fruit rolls with different tastes. Your partner will appreciate your choice.

There are so many things and food that can be used to bring sexual pleasure to both partners.

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